Nutanix – Create a LCM Dark Site repo with a docker container (GERMAN)

Nutanix LCM ist eine Software Komponente am Nutanix Cluster die es ermöglicht Firmware und Software Komponenten (zb: Disk Firmware oder BIOS) am Nutanix Cluster zu inventarisieren und zu aktualisieren. Der Nutanix LCM (Life Cycle Manager) nützt ein Internet Repository um sich aktuelle Informationen über Firmware Upgrades zu holen. Wenn jedoch der Nutanix Cluster in einer […]

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Nutanix Karbon – a first look

Nutanix Karbon is a curated turnkey offering that provides simplified provisioning and operations of Kubernetes (aka K8s) clusters. Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration system for deploying and managing container-based applications. With the advent of Kubernetes deploying highly scalable and by default high available apps has never been easier then before. On the other hand […]

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How to create ssh key pairs for launching a Nutanix pre-seeded application blueprint in CALM with puttygen

Nutanix Calm provides a set of pre-seeded application blueprints that are available to you for consumption. The VM base images are provided by nutanix and these are cloud-init enabled images. Nutanix is following therefore a security best practice manner: – Using a cloud-init enabled image – Use cloud-init to inject a public key upon VM […]

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New Nutanix Release – 5.6

Initially it was planned as version 5.5.1, but as there are plenty of new features a “0.+1.0” Release is more than worthy. the short summary: 5.6 release – feature highlights Prism Central (5.6) Microsegmentation Policies GA API V3 GA Scale Out Prism Central AOS (5.6) Support 80 Terabytes Storage per Node Two-node Cluster AHV-(20170830.115) Guest […]

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Installation Nutanix CE Edition auf einem Intel NUC (März 2017)

Es gibt schon viele Blog Posts auf Englisch zu diesem Thema, daher hab ich mich für einen deutschsprachigen Blogpost entschieden. Die Nutanix Community Edition (CE) ist die kostenfreie Version der Nutanix Acropolis Plattform Software inkl. dem AHV : der eigene Hypervisor von Nutanix. Die CE Version ermöglicht die Leistungsfähigkeit der Nutanix Software auf einer Standard […]

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Nutanix Storage Efficiency Features – CVM Memory sizing guidelines

Nutanix has a very smart architecture for their platform – standard hardware technologies combined in a very smart way. And the glue between is the Controller VM. This design allows full control of the ressources of the software-defined storage architecture (well Nutanix ECP is much more than a SW defined storage approach). One key ressource […]

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