Hypervisor Upgrade on Nutanix

 Recently I’ve tested the hypervisor upgrade functionality on the Nutanix platform. Is that so easy as it seems to be? let’s prove.

 The required steps were:

 Reserve some minutes before lunch for preparation

  • Download json file from nutanix support portal


  • Download the offline bundle from my.vmware.com

to find the right offline bundle just put the md5 sum from the json array

  • To download the right version from the portal I copy the md5 sum from the json file json_content
  • just search for the md5sum in the my.vmware.com portal and you get the right download:


  • in Prism: select “Upgrade Software / Hypervisor” and upload the json file and the offline bundle to PRISMupload.png
  • You need to provide the login credentials for vcentervcenter_cred
  • Before doing the upgrade I had to disable “Admission Control”disable_admcontrol
  • Then I started the upgrade and instead of playing 2048 I started my lunchbreak (and doing some screenshots)
  • that was easy!