Nutanix – How to remove a Cluster from PRISM Central

It will be very seldom but if you need to remove a Nutanix cluster from PRISM central it is very easy (no big surprise when you know Nutanix)

Login to PRISM central, select “Explore”:

05-09-2016 13-46-25

Select “Clusters” on the left. Select the cluster which has to be removed on the right side:

05-09-2016 13-47-36

from the “Actions:” menu select “Unregister Cluster”:

05-09-2016 13-48-17

If you are sure then select “Yes” and you are done!

05-09-2016 13-48-34

Wait some minutes and the elements from the cluster will disappear  from Prism central.

Woah, that was very easy again…

Pro tip: The clustered doesn’t need to be online for the removal task.

but wait! what if I have no prism central anymore and I want to remove the PC registration from my Prism Element?

  • Just login to one for your CVMs and start ncli and get the cluster ID:

ncli> multicluster get-cluster-state

Cluster Id : 66940754-1ab8-4447-a758-a30396f1c997
Cluster Name : Unnamed
Is Multicluster : true
Controller VM IP Addre… : []
External IP Address :
Marked for Removal : false
Remote Connection Exists : true

  • then you can delete the registration entry for this cluster:

ncli> multicluster delete-cluster-state cluster-id=66940754-1ab8-4447-a758-a30396f1c997

  • now the cluster is released from the PC registration.

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