Nutanix – How to register a disk image in Prism Central

Since AOS 5.5 the Self Service Portal and therefore the image management has moved to Prism Central. When you want to register a disk image from a VM from one of your AHV clusters to Prism Central you have to use the NFS path to the image. For example: nfs://<clusterip>/container_1/.acropolis/vmdisk/01c96451-1e72-4f0d-a8f5-d15ed90227a4   how to get the […]


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New Nutanix Release – 5.6

Initially it was planned as version 5.5.1, but as there are plenty of new features a “0.+1.0” Release is more than worthy. the short summary: 5.6 release – feature highlights Prism Central (5.6) Microsegmentation Policies GA API V3 GA Scale Out Prism Central AOS (5.6) Support 80 Terabytes Storage per Node Two-node Cluster AHV-(20170830.115) Guest […]

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