How to create ssh key pairs for launching a Nutanix pre-seeded application blueprint in CALM with puttygen

Nutanix Calm provides a set of pre-seeded application blueprints that are available to you for consumption.

The VM base images are provided by nutanix and these are cloud-init enabled images.

Nutanix is following therefore a security best practice manner:
– Using a cloud-init enabled image
– Use cloud-init to inject a public key upon VM boot (use can do this for AHV VMs with the guest-customization area in Calm) as a runtime variable
– Give Calm your private key as a runtime credential during launch

So how we need a ssh private/public key pair:

  • start puttygen and click on “Generate a public/private key pair” – move around with the mouse to get a random pattern
  • in the upper field you find the public key which you will have the public key beginning with “ssh-rsa”public_ssh_puttygen
  • you have to export the private key in the OpenSSH format (use “force new file format”):


  • save the file at a secure location and copy the contents into the private key field before launching the CALM blueprint

Important: you have to include the the opening and closing stanza when copying the private key. Also when you copy the public key into the INSTANCE_PUBLIC_KEY field it has to begin with “ssh-rsa”.


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