Using Nutanix CALM in a vSphere environment – Part 1

In part 1 I would like to cover the prerequisites to use CALM application deployment in a vSphere environment.

Since Prism Central / CALM 5.7 it is possible to deploy blueprints in a vSphere environment.

IMPORTANT: The vSphere environment can be on a Nutanix or a non-Nutanix environment. Prism Central on the other hand has to be deployed on a Nutanix cluster: either AHV- or vSphere- based.

In my Prism Central  the App Mangement has already been enabled.

First let’s prepare the vSphere environment; there you will need three things :

  1. If you not want to use the vCenter administrator  login in CALM you have to create a user with some permissions. The required permissions can be found here:
  2. To use “DRS-Mode” in CALM you have to create a storage DRS Cluster (aka Storage Pod) in vCenter with a datastore in it and storage DRS has to be enabled (you can leave automation disabled); here a example:b_turnon_drs_disable_automation
  3. You need a VM template for your CALM blueprints. In my case I have installed a CentOS7 VM with openvmtools to get the guest OS customization feature functional.

Now you can start configuring projects within CALM to use the vSphere environment.

  • Login to Prism Central as administrator and open the Settings tab in the CALM section (or APPs section before 5.8.x) and click on “+ Add Setting”:


  • On the right select “VMware” as Type and provide server, username, password and port (default 443) for the vCenter login. You first have to save before you can continue and select the Datacenter. Select your Datacenter and click save again.
  • Now you can configure one or more projects to use the vSphere environment.

    You can either create a new one or edit an existing project. In my case I have created a new project.

  • Under the general settings of the project you now can select the vSphere environment you have configured before:
  • 99_Create_or_modify_Project2.PNG
  • Now click on “Environment” on the top to configure the details:
  • 99_1_Configure_Project_Environment
  • you need to create a default credential (in my case I created the credentials with the login data from my CentOS template)
  • Select “VMware” under VM Configuration. In my case I have also configured “DRS-Mode”: if you are not using DRS mode you have to specify a host (instead of a cluster) and a datastore (instead of a storage pod) for the provisioning.
  • Select the Template you want to use in this project and the Storage Pod
  • The rest of the settings you can change but it is not required to successfully save the settings.

Now you can create or modify blueprints to be deployed on the vSphere environment.

This concludes part 1 ; in part 2 I will cover how to create a CALM application blueprint to deploy it on the vSphere environment.


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