Nutanix – How to remove a Cluster from PRISM Central

It will be very seldom but if you need to remove a Nutanix cluster from PRISM central it is very easy (no big surprise when you know Nutanix) Login to PRISM central, select “Explore”: Select “Clusters” on the left. Select the cluster which has to be removed on the right side: from the “Actions:” menu select […]


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Nutanix Storage Efficiency Features – CVM Memory sizing guidelines

Nutanix has a very smart architecture for their platform – standard hardware technologies combined in a very smart way. And the glue between is the Controller VM. This design allows full control of the ressources of the software-defined storage architecture (well Nutanix ECP is much more than a SW defined storage approach). One key ressource […]

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Hypervisor Upgrade on Nutanix

 Recently I’ve tested the hypervisor upgrade functionality on the Nutanix platform. Is that so easy as it seems to be? let’s prove.  The required steps were:  Reserve some minutes before lunch for preparation Download json file from nutanix support portal Download the offline bundle from to find the right offline bundle just put the […]

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